Overcoming Your Insomnia

Do You Want To Conquer Your Insomnia For Good?

Insomnia refers to the difficulty of falling asleep or staying asleep. 30%-50% of the general population claim to be affected by insomnia, with approximately 10% suffering from it chronically!

Quality sleep is a vital component of overall health. Sleep is involved in nearly all body functions, including immune function, digestion, hormone balance, metabolism, weight maintenance, and much more

A person who has insomnia may experience difficulty with memory, poor concentration, impaired motor coordination, and irritability due to the lack of regenerative rest that the body requires for optimal function.

Overcoming insomnia is possible without the use of over-the-counter sleeping aids. The solution is natural with simple changes to diet, exercise, and bedtime routine, as well as some calming steps to relieve stress.

Join us for Overcoming Your Insomnia, as we will be exploring many natural alternatives to medication for overcoming insomnia. Sleep is possible, and the solution is within your reach.

Meet, Robyn Benson, an expert on Insomnia and Natural Healthcare Solutions

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Robyn Benson

What to Expect

During this experience, we will guide you through some diet, exercise and routine changes you can make to ensure proper sleep.

This includes an offering of food lists, recipes, sleep targeting exercises, and stress relieving nighttime routines to put your body in a relaxed state before going to bed.

Don’t lose sleep over losing sleep. You can overcome insomnia naturally. We are here to show you how.

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Can’t Wait To Share With You On Tuesday, May 9th At 3:00 pm MDT!